Sports & Games

Play Badminton at the well-furnished court and
spend a fun-filled time with your family and
friends playing a 'domestic' tournament.
Crazy Golf
Have unlimited fun on the greens at the Crazy Golf
ground. Hitch a lift on a passing golf cart,
take the back seat and glide noiselessly
through the property.
Enjoy an exciting game of cricket on the greenest ground that
you have ever seen. The makeshift pitch is quite a challenge,
considering that it is practically a green carpet after all.
Football fans have a reason to rejoice at Club Rio Vista.
The mini-football ground is a special attraction
for those who enjoy field games and action sport.
Indoor Games
For those who prefer indoor activities Club Rio Vista
has table tennis facilities, pool tables, cards, carrom,
chess, darts and video games to choose from.
Lawn Tennis
Enjoy an exciting match in the floodlit
Tennis & Basketball court.