Nature & Outdoors

A temptation for the avid angler as well as the amateur.
This is certainly a main attraction not just for idling
the time away, but also for getting a serious catch.
Bird Watching
This is a bird watcher's paradise in every way;
you need to have your binoculars ready at all times.
The practiced eye may catch a rare species far away.
Taking a trip round the greens on a bicycle is like
riding down memory lane, soak in the nostalgia and
the feeling of being one with nature.
Paddle Boating
The brook runs along a vast expanse of the property,
so if you are feeling like indulging on a lazy cruise
past the greenery and around a picture-perfect backdrop,
paddle boating is an ideal option.
Pari, the river cruise
Tune into the faraway minstrel notes and feel the
fresh river breeze as you cruise on Pari, across
the Ganges.
Riverside Walk
A stroll is just right to explore the mysteries of nature,
and what better if that takes you along a mighty river
that has its own story to tell.