Leisure & Lifestyle

The Magna Charta
The Magna Charta offers you a well-equipped
gymnasium, a swimming pool, a gaming zone,
a multi-specialty restaurant and a lounge bar
all under one-roof.
Captain's Deck
A classic library with a collection of tomes to keep
you company. Step out for a real Captain's Deck
view. And don't forget to ask for your favourite
malt as you gaze out.
For all you party animals. Let your hair down in
this great sports bar and lounge. Housed at
Magna Charta, Footloose comes with a
well-stocked bar and a super atmosphere that is
sure to get you into the groove.
Soak in the magnificence of the River Ganges as
you take a walk down the Promenade. Or sit back
and gaze out after a few laps in the Infinity Pool.
Savour a sip of your favourite beverage and tuck in
the breath-taking tranquility. The promenade is an
experience like no other.
Envisaged in a mesmerising setting, Oasis will
house a lagoon pool, a jacuzzi, an aqua bar and
a fragrance garden. Topped with a host of
relaxation therapies. Also has 19 duplex
Spa Villas for guest accommodation.
Browse or buy. The collection of apparel, artifacts
and exclusive bric-a-brac at Tvastr is handpicked,
just for you.